Sky Stories: Every Sky Has a Story to Tell

Every city has a sky and every sky can turn into a story. Sky Stories is a collection of short stories based in the sky of a city: focused in a time, in a sound, in a rumour, in a perspective. Photography and literature together in the most impressive torticollis PedroL has ever experienced. Enjoy:

Serie #01 > Lisbon, Portugal

Serie #02 > Bucharest, Romania

Serie #03 > Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Serie #04 > Bangkok, Thailand

Serie #05 > Tokyo, Japan

Serie #06 > Jerusalem, Israel

Serie #07 > Around the World

Serie #08 > Montevideo, Uruguay

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4 responses to “Sky Stories: Every Sky Has a Story to Tell

    • So happy to read this Virginia, I’m glad you appreciate my work 🙂 have a wonderful week and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

      • It was kind of a guessing game too – I tried not to read the locations first 🙂 Wishing you a great week too, lots of love from London.

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