Literatour – A Round the World Trip for free during 1 Year

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In the last 10 years I lived many lives, in different eras and in several places: I crossed the US, coast to coast; and I climbed Himalayas, reaching Lassa, in Tibet. Europe was not exception, as I lived some months in Ligurian trees, in Italy, and I took part in the history of the Balkans.

Nevertheless, I delivered correspondence in the Chilean island of Isla Negra and I survived to an epic journey in Congo River. The truth is that, among my best friends, I count sailors, spies and magicians. Thanks to Literature…

Thanks to literature, and more than one thousand books read in the last decade, I had the chance to do several Round the World Trips for free! And you can also do it: by simply registering in the closest public library you have access to everywhere – no visas or invitation letters needed 🙂

Now that 2015 is approaching, my suggestion it’s in the maps below: it compiles 30 novels (not travel books!!) that correspond to 30 destinies where actions took place: itinerary starts in Lisbon, my home town, stops in every Continent, and ends in Fez, Morocco. Enjoy this literaTour:

europe line01 – José saramago – The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis – Lisbon, Portugal
02 – Carmen Laforet – Nada – Barcelona, Spain
03 – James Joyce – Dubliners – Dublin, Ireland
04 – Tracy Chevalier – Girl with a Pearl Earring – Delft, The Netherlands
05 – Italo Calvino – The Baron in the Trees – Liguria, Italy

asia line06 – Thomas Mann – The Magic Mountain – Davos, Switzerland
07 – Thomas Bernhard – Gargoyles – Styria, Austria
08 – Ivo Andric – Bridge on the Drina – Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina
09 – Orhan Pamuk – The New Life – Istanbul, Turkey
10 – Nicolai Gogol – Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka – Poltava, Ukraine

north america line11 – Venedikt Erofeev – Moscow to the End of the Line – Moscow, Russia
12 – Åsne Seierstad – The Bookseller of Kabul – Kabul, Afghanistan
13 – Aravind Adiga – The White Tiger – Bangalore, India
14 – Heinrich Harrer – Seven Years in Tibet – Tibet
15 – Haruki Murakami – After DarK – Tokyo, Japan

16 – Jack London – White Fang – Yukon Territory, Canada
central south america line17 – Margaret Atwood – The Robber Bride – Ontario, Canada
18 – Jack Kerouac – On the Road – USA
19 – Paul Auster – New York Trilogy – New York, USA
20 – John Kennedy Toole – A Confederacy of Dunces – New Orleans, USA

21 – Graham Greene – Our Man in Havana – Havana, Cuba
22 – Mario Vargas Llosa – Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter – Lima, Peru
23 – Antonio Skármeta – The Postman: A Novel – Isla Negra, Chile
24 – Julio Cortazar – The Winners – Buenos Aires, Argentina
25 – Clarice Lispector – The Hour of the Star – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

africa line26 – José Eduardo Agualusa – My Father´s Wives – Luanda, Angola – Maputo, Mozambique
27 – Ondjaki – The Transparent Ones – Luanda, Angola
28 – Joseph Conrad – Heart of the Darkness – Congo
29 – Albert Cossery – Proud Beggars – Cairo, Egypt
30 – Paul Bowles – Spider´s House – Fez, Morocco

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28 responses to “Literatour – A Round the World Trip for free during 1 Year

    • obrigado pelo comentário 🙂 fico contente que tenhas apreciado a ideia 🙂 também pensei na possibilidade de escrever um artigo sobre as viagens no tempo que podemos fazer pela literatura 😛

      • e as viagens no tempo essas sim sao unicas, pois duma forma ou outra viajar a outros paises ‘e posivel. Porem, viveres no seculo 15 ou 31 so mesmo atraves da leitura 🙂

  1. So……….vicarious travel? Reading or going there? A novel is not the same as living/visiting a country or enjoying its culture, food, religions, beauty, and people. You cannot experience a country by reading about it or watching it on CNN/Fox News or by reading a novel. Am I getting this wrong? I live and travel and have for 30 years. Hitchhiking and backpacking and sailing and wandering. I am a noob at travel compared to others. Perhaps to you as well. Teach me.

    • such a pity you didn´t understand the article… personally, I don´t experience a country by watching it on CNN etc, but I can tell you that it happens when I read a well written book. When I read I do my own interpretation of a place and it can be even better than reality. but of course, not everyone is the same. thank you for your feedback 🙂

  2. Hi Pedro! I stopped by to say thanks for following my blog, but I also found this post and love it! Literature is also one of my true loves, and I’ve read a few novels from places I’m going or have been. This idea is really great though. Your own story is so interesting, and I’m really glad I got a chance to explore your site a little!

    • I´m glad to know you had a great journey with this article 😛 thank you for your support and for stopping by 😛 ur page is always amazing!!!!

    • dear Taraisa, thank you so much for your words 🙂 hope you can read all these books and feel free to add also some to my list eheh regards PedroL

  3. I do this as well when I travel!! It’s such a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the society and culture of a new place, thanks for all the suggestions!!

  4. I loved the idea, and I loved your post even more.
    I have always been a bookworm, ever since I started reading during my first year of elementary school. It definitely gave me the chance to travel a lot by simply laying on my bed and turning the pages of a book, and above all, it gave me the chance to learn and get in touch with cultures and people far away from my reality. Reading is a powerful medium and I’m so glad that I let it positively influence me.

    I will definitely check out the books included in your literatour: “Bridge on the Drina” has been on my wishlist since forever, maybe it’s time to finally convince myself to read it! 🙂

    • glad you read and enjoyed my article 🙂 about Andric’s ‘Bridge On the Drina’ you should definitely read this book, it is one of my favorites and I totally recommend it 🙂 let you know your impressions and happy travels, PedroL

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